Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Interior Inspiration : My Story

My taste in interiors has varied a lot over the years.  During my 'rocker' phase when I was 16 I didn't really have much taste for interiors unless it was dark...but to be honest most of my walls were covered with posters and there was a path through the mess from my door to my bed. Thankfully, I quickly switched from this upon my discovery of shabby chic (I don't do changes by half!).  

I moved out of my parents house into a flat with a friend for a year and when I returned home I was in the smallest bedroom in the house as my older brother had moved into the larger bedroom.  I decided that because I wasn't really able to decorate my bedroom in the flat, I was going all out shabby chic.  I had a white wooden floor, blue and pink floral bedsheets, pale blue walls (much to my mothers delight...makes a change from blood red and purple), and white furniture.  It was a bit of a squeeze fitting in my double bed and all the furniture but we room never really got much tidier.  After 2 years of being in the tiniest coldest bedroom (we had to remove the radiator to fit everything in) my brother bought a flat with his fiance and flew the nest.  

This was very much the moment I caught the interiors bug.  

I had asked my parents to share the small room if they wanted to make it an office with sofa bed like when I was living in the flat as long as I could have a shoe wall...miraculously they said I could have the room to myself, cue squeals of delight that went on for days.  

The planning for how I wanted my rooms (squeal) to look began near enough the very same day.  I decided that I would turn the small bedroom into my closet and the larger room would be my bedroom.  I think I was most excited about the prospect of having a desk again for the first time since I was about 17.

The Saturday my brother moved out was very emotional.  My mum cried while I very excitedly starting packing up everything he had left and dismantling the furniture as soon as we waved him off.  My father very kindly took a week off work to help me decorate my rooms.

The large room went from this

To this

I moved my furniture around about a year ago but it's just got back to this arrangement.  I'm getting a new bedside table soon and will be doing a lot of organising and accessorizing so I'll have a details post in a few weeks.

The small room now looks like this
It's the epitome of girlie!

Next week I'll be doing a post all about my dream interiors and what my home must haves are.

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