Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Peek Into - My Filofax

If you know me personally then you'll know how much I am obsessed with my Filofax so I thought I'd do an insight into my Filofax and how I organise it.

I am currently using the Domino personal size in grey.

In the front pocket I keep some post it notes - in pink of course - and some paper clips.  The right page is my dashboard. It's a card I got in Oliver Bonas that I trimmed down to size and I have a clear plastic fly leaf over it.

Behind my dashboard I have a list of my goals for 2014 (since I took these photographs I've decided to fundraise for SANDS, a charity to support parents going through stillbirth, neonatal death or miscarriage but I'll add more about that in a few days). In the back of the pocket is my colour coding system for my calendar in case I forget what each colour represents.

Behind my goals for the year is my fold out yearly calendar.  On here I mark when I have theory and placement blocks for university as well as birthdays and holidays.

The first top tab marks my month at a glance calendars.  I like to use these for quickly checking or marking out shifts or events so I can see them quickly without having to flick through my weekly pages.  I also use a page marker from WHSmith to take me straight to the current month.

The second top tab is my weekly pages.  I was using the day to a page calendar before I got these pages from The Plannertarium Etsy store but I felt there was too much wasted space when I was on placement due to the long shifts.  I separate each day into 2 side with the side under the name of the day for my schedule whether it's placement, work, tv programmes I want to watch or other appointments.  The other side (closest to the rings) I use for things to do that day and what blog post goes live that day.  The notes section on the bottom of the right hand page is for things that need to be done that week but not on any specific day.  The pink heart is a sticker that I use to mark birthdays so I then flip back to my yearly calendar to check whose birthday it is that day.  I also have a page marker to take me straight to the current week.

The third and final top tab takes me to my lists section which are divided using side tabs - these were originally the address tabs that came with my Filofax that I covered with a page marker sticky and wrote what each section was for.
The university section is for things to read up on and reflection essay topics for my portfolio.
The blog section has my schedule for regular posting topics eg lifestyle, review etc, and a page behind it for a checklist of blog ideas incase I don't have my blogging notebook with me.
The fitness section is still under construction but it has the local swimming pools schedule and a training timetable for when I eventually get round to doing a sprint triathlon.  I'm also going to put in workouts and healthy recipes that I find online.
Finance has a chart for my 52 week savings challenge that lists how much I should be putting away each week with a running total of how much should be in my account.  I also have pages tracking how much money goes in and out of my debit and savings accounts.
Behind that - although you can't see it - is my eBay section where I list what I'm selling, how much it sold for and when, and when I posted it out to keep track of what needs done.
Gift lists is pretty self explanatory as is the wish lists section.
The last three labelled tabs are favourites - products, eateries etc; books that I want to read; and places that I want to visit whether it's cities/countries/restaurants or whatever.

So that's everything inside my Filofax.  I am hopefully going to be getting the new fluoro pink Original for my diary as I've lately felt that my to do's for each day are getting too cramped and I need bigger pages without going for the whole page per day...plus it's pretty!  I'll do a post on that soon once I get it and have it all organised how I want it - or I might even do a YouTube video for it - watch this space!

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