Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites

My favourites list for this month is fairly short on the beauty side with a few random extras thrown in for good measure.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation and Lumi Magique Primer

I reviewed these two products earlier this week (here) so I'm not going to go into too much detail right now but basically...they haven't been off my face since I bought them at the start of this month.  That says enough doesn't it?

& Other Stories "Shinjuku Bloom" Hand Cream

My sister-in-law bought me this as a little present when we were in London earlier this month and I'll be doing a review on it next week.

Boots Blister Plasters

When I was in London it was for my friends wedding and I decided I'd wear my comfiest heels (vintage Prada's I got on Ebay) as I knew I'd last all day/night in them.  What I hadn't bargained for though was the pain my feet would be in from the ceilidh dancing - ouch.  I had a massive blister on the sole of my right foot and when I went shopping in the city the next morning I had to get something to stop it getting any worse and these were the cheapest blister plasters Boots had on the shelf.  I LOVE THESE PLASTERS!
They are a large oval shape with a squishy gel part in the middle that goes over the blister which I'm assuming is the "hydrocolloid technology" that "maintains a moist environment....and provide[s] the optimum conditions for the blister to heal". Sounds a bit rank to be honest but they really work.  I left mine on until they came off naturally but then I forgot to have one on one day at the gym and...well, I'll leave the rest to you're imagination *boke*.
Anyhoos they really helped with the pain and I was able to walk normally instead of hobbling everywhere so I'm going to stock up and oddly take them on nights out so I can actually prevent blisters instead!

The O.C.

This re-obsession all stemmed from a lecture I had on obstetric cholestasis (fancy words for a liver condition in pregnancy) and in the video our lecturer showed us they kept calling it O.C. so of course I got home that afternoon and watched 5 episodes back to back and have barely stopped listening to songs from the show.  I've only watched another couple of episodes since then because I've been so busy but I'm working my way through my box sets again.

My Filofax!

If you know me personally or follow me on Instagram (@skrilly87) then you'll know how I am already a major fan of my Filofax and organising in general but lately I've been going super crazy with resorting it and getting it pretty much perfect for what I need it for.  I've also been watching lots of Filofax videos on YouTube - other people might find this a bit weird but I love them and could watch them for hours....actually I already have.  I'm going to do a post on my Filofax in the next few weeks once it's all finished and pretty.

Pineapple Juice and Water

My favourite food/drink item this month is probably not to everyones taste but I am hooked! I decided to try this one day because I didn't fancy regular water, I'd just drank a massive glass of pineapple juice and I find diluting squash to be too sweet for me now.  I wasn't sure if it would work at first myself but when you get the dilution right it's delicious.
I only ever drink it out of my Victoria's Secret cup that's in the above picture because it's the only way I can get the dilution perfect first time.

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