Wednesday, 14 May 2014

PhD Woman Meal Replacement Shake - The Review

I've been drinking protein shakes for about a year now since I started getting properly into using free weights and discovering that they help massively in reducing DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness. A neccessity particularly after leg day - ouch!

This is probably the second or third different type of protein powder that I've used and I thought that since I've started getting into writing more about health and fitness that I would give you all a little lowdown on it as well as my thoughts.

I actually bought this brand of protein as PhD Woman were running a special offer where if you spent over a certain amount you got a free hoodie and shaker bottle - winner!

I opted to get the Vanilla Creme flavour as it came highly recommended from Lydia Elise Millen as she said it tastes like custard...pretty close actually.  It is recommended that when making up this shake you add 2 scoops (about 55g) of powder to 250ml of cold water and shake well.  Because of the amount of carbohydrates in this shake I decided to only use one scoop and found that I actually needed to use closer to 300ml of water as only using 250ml left a slight powdery feeling in my mouth which wasn't very pleasant.

Other than that I really like this protein supplement.  It contains "added vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system, healthy bones, healthy skin and hair, and healthy hormonal activity" with each 55g recommended serving containing 204 calories, 25.4g of protein, 19.5g of carbohydrate, and 2.3g of fat.

Something I found it worked really well in is my protein pancakes (I'll be doing a breakfast recipe post soon so keep a weathered eye) as it gave the pancakes a really rich vanilla flavour and mixed well with the other ingredients.  I also really enjoy mixing it into my oats - it's like dessert for breakfast.

Overall it is a very balanced supplement but I never used it purely as a meal replacement because I feel that protein shakes should be supplements and not the main way to increase your protein intake.  Due to me now being on a lower carb intake by following a flexible dieting macronutrient plan I have just started using a protein supplement with a lower carb content which I'll review once I've had a proper test of it.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to start taking protein supplements as the taste and texture are really nice, especially if you don't have a carb limit to try and stick to i.e. you are doing lots of endurance or HIIT cardio.

What's your favourite way to workout?
Do you have a protein supplement that you like or good high protein recipes you would recommend?

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