Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Favourite Bright Clothing Items | Bloggers Do It Better Challenge

I've been neglecting my blog (again) due to my stress levels being astronomical while studying for my exam at university. Luckily that's all over and done with now so I've finally managed to get around to doing my Bloggers Dot It Better post.

This weeks theme is brights and neutrals. 

I found it really difficult to think of what to actually do for this theme but I eventually decided on showing you my favourite bright clothing items.  I've recently had a pretty massive clear out of clothing as I've decided I only want to wear black and white now - perfect timing since we are coming into summer isn't it? I'm getting off topic now so how about I circle back...

These are the bright items of clothing that I couldn't simply bear to get rid of so they sit in my closet awaiting the day I feel daring enough to wear a bright item of clothing again.

This is a very recent acquisition and only because it is mainly black and white so this will probably be the closest I'll get to summer brights this year haha! It's from River Island by the way.

I got these shorts from Forever 21 when I was in Dubai last year and they probably have the most chance of being worn this year. 

Ugh I just adore this dress.  I got it from Zara last year to wear for a wedding but I haven't had the chance to wear it since. 

Another Zara purchase...this dress has had a lot of loving over the few years that it's been in my possession. I like to dress it down with a white shirt underneath and flats.

These trousers from H&M are my only neutral contribution to this post - love me a pair of patterned bottoms.  This shirt doesn't look as nice here as when I was actually wearing it :/  It's a silk shirt that I got from Marks and Spencer last year. Luckily it was in the sale so I got it for £29 instead of the original £60! 

Guess where.....ZARA strikes again! Another item I've had for a few years that's got a firm grip on my heart.  I just love the combination of the green and's so fresh especially with white jeans in the summer.


  1. love those H&M trousers!

    from helen at

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    1. Thanks! They're really comfy aswell :) I'll definitely check it out thanks :)


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