Friday, 15 May 2015

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

I actually received this quite a few months ago in one of my Birchboxes and hadn't tried it out until a couple of weeks ago when I decided I really needed to use up all my samples before buying any more products.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (£19.50) is a 2-in-1 face wash and gentle exfoliator that can be used by all skin types. It contains rosehip extract to regenerate tissue and reduce scarring, skin softening passion flower extract, antiseptic chamomile, and milk thistle.

To be honest I was a little hesitant about using this because it is a foaming face wash which can be notoriously drying on oily skin types but I was really surprised. Even with my slightly oily skin i didn't feel my skin tight at all after using it and found the exfoliating beads really gentle. There is a bit of a scent to it which some people might not like, I loved it purely because I think it smells like Calpol! I did find it a little difficult to wash off without leaving a residue so I used a flannel and it came off really easily. I'd say it's really good value as you don't need much for each use. This tiny sample bottle has lasted me 2 weeks of using it every day and I'm only about half way through.

Overall, I'd definitely think about buying this in future once I've used up all of my other samples. Bliss also offer a cleansing milk for those of you who don't like foaming face washes - nice one.


  1. Nice review :)

  2. It seems like a nice product to try out ;) I'll have to wait till I've used up my current face wash, before I buy sth new thought.
    If you'd like you could check out my new blog arabesque - I'd be honored ;)


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