Friday, 1 May 2015

How is it May already?!?

Phew these last 4 months have been a total whirlwind for me!  With going into my final few months of university and prepping for the UKBFF Championships I've had no time at all to blog but that's all about to change!

I'm currently just over 3 weeks out from my first bikini fitness competition so I thoughts of give you all an update on that! Right now I’m about 15 weeks into my prep and have lost about 15 pounds over that time.  I’ve only gone down just over a dress size though but that’s because I’ve increased my muscle mass.  Body fat wise I’ve gone from about 25% to 18% at my last check 4 weeks ago…major difference here!  

At times it has been really hard and I have been on the verge of giving up a couple of times purely due to exhaustion but it’s all been worth it and there’s no way in hell i’m going to give up at this stage!  To be completely honest the nutrition side has been the hardest part of the whole process.  I am hungry most of the time (I’m sure the majority of people I know are getting fed up of me moaning about it by now) and get woken up most nights from hunger pangs but that’s nothing a cup of green tea can’t fix.  Right now I am doing four to five 20 minute fasted cardio sessions per week, and weight lifting 5 days per week with 15 minutes HIIT sessions after three of these lifting sessions.  The training side is the easiest part for me.  I’d happily spend all day in the gym lifting if only I was able to eat more haha!
At this stage I am starting to get more and more fatigued and cranky but I just try and distract myself (hence getting back into blogging) and I know it’s not for much longer.  My fancy bikini is almost finished being made and should be with me in a week or so and I’ve got all my waxing and tanning appointments booked eek!  Getting to have a structured refeed day thanks to my coach which I am majorly excited about since having my calories cut 2 weeks ago :)

I'm also just about to go into my final semester at university which is really scary but also very exciting as it means I'll be able to be my own practitioner and having the extra responsibility of being in charge of someone's care makes me more confident about it for some reason, strange I know!
I’m currently in the middle of writing a rather large (4000 words!!!) literature review about continuity of care, the aspects of it that women find important, and how this can impact on outcomes and satisfaction for women and their families.
Just last week though I completed my final ever labour ward placement and although I didn’t reach the magical number of 40 normal deliveries, I have gotten my EU numbers with more assisted deliveries that will allow me to qualify without having to do any extra shifts.  Personally I wasn’t that experienced with theatre and assisted deliveries before the start of that placement so having lots more assisted deliveries at a stage in my training when I am given more responsibility to be involved and assist the obstetricians has had a major impact on my learning and improved my confidence for when I have to deal with them once qualified.  Only one more theory module, postnatal and community placements, and my final exams stand between me and my dream career - how exciting!

So hopefully with some extra planning and a bit more downtime after my competition I can resume regular programming and be an active blogger again because I really have missed it!

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