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Restaurant Review - Kyloe, Edinburgh

Kyloe is old Scots for cattle and refers to a breed of Highland cattle that is black instead of the standard red that you see on postcards.

So it's no surprise that Kyloe, part of the Rutland Hotel at the bottom of Edinburgh's Lothian Road is a gourmet steak house with cow themed decor - that sounds tacky but have a look at this baby...

So chic! I already wanted a cow hide rug but now I am obsessed! I might get a hide sofa instead haha!

Back to the food though...

What surprised me most was the selection of food that wasn't actually beef. I've only previously had a quick skim through the menu and was quite surprised that there is even a few fish and vegetarian options - luckily for my pescetarian mother since this was a belated Mother's Day lunch! Don't worry, my brother had thoroughly inspected the menu unlike me.

Obviously I can't comment on everyone else's meals but I do have photographs to share...cue the drool.


Steak Tartare

Roasted Beetroot with Goats Cheese Mousse

Braised Pigs Cheek

Both my sister in law and I had the braised pigs cheek. It doesn't sound that appetising but the meat is so tender that it just crumbles apart and that sauce is divine!


Rump Steak

The only downside to getting a streak in Kyloe is that is all you get. You have to order any sides separately which cost extra but my sister in law said the steak alone was worth the price.

Rump of Scotch Lamb with Celeriac Purée

My family are big lamb fans so I wasn't surprised when my brother ordered this.  He was so close to licking the plate clean of the caper and mint red wine sauce too!

Scrabster Plaice with Chilli Crab Linguine and Tempura Lobster

This was my mums dish which looked really exciting and she said was delicious.  The linguine had very finely sliced chilli in it and although she isn't a huge spice lover it was just hot enough for her.

Slow Cooked Loin of Venison with Puy Lentils and Winter Vegetables

This was such a comfort meal for me and I could imagine how much better it would be during our wet cold winters.  The only complaint I have about this dish is the amount of sauce as it started getting more like a soup when I was running out of lentils.


My favourite part of a meal! My mum didn't have a dessert as her pasta dish was so filling.

Valrhona Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Brioche

This was my brothers dessert and normally he inhales desserts, for once he was the last to finish because he was enjoying it that much. He did let me have a little taste of the ice cream which was one of the best I've tasted.

Pineapple Tarte Tatin with Coconut Ice Cream and Mango Jelly

I was pretty jealous of my sister in law having this until I tastes my own dessert...

Chocolate Fudge Sundae with Hot Caramel Sauce

Oh sweet mother of the baby Jesus! Vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate biscuit crumble and a caramel that tastes like the inside of a dime bar...I was in heaven! I also had a sugar fuzz head afterwards but it was so worth it!

We all loved this restaurant so much that we will definitely go back and I'd definitely recommend it if you are in Edinburgh. The prices were okay aswell as it came to £120 for the four of us excluding drinks.

You can view the full A La Carte menu here.  Kyloe also do a Sunday Roast menu aswell.

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