Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Favourites Part 2 : The Lifestyle Bits

So I thought since I had a rather long run through of my favourite beauty items of 2014 I should give you the lowdown on everything else I was loving last year.

Clothing wise there's only been one item I've been so obsessed with that I have to tell everyone I meet about them...

The Topshop Jamie jeans have been such a staple piece in my wardrobe since about May 2014.  The first pair I bought were the ones you see in the centre - the zip ankle.  These jeans have just the most perfect cut for me with a high waist that sits just ontop of the hips and ankle skimming cuffs.
I love them so much that a couple of months ago I purchased the black knee ripped versions and just last week I also picked up the vintage blue wash with a voucher I got for Christmas - life made!
You can check out the range of Jamie jeans here.

As with everything else, I was ridiculously late to the Netflix bandwagon but boy do I love it!  As soon as I signed up I started watching Orange Is The New Black and from then on I was hooked!  I'm still trundling my way through Breaking Bad and Homeland but I love how everything is there at the touch of a button - I also got a cheeky plugin for my computer so I can watch American Netflix too shhh! On my list of things to watch in 2015 is the rest of Breaking Bad and Homeland, House of Cards, American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy...I just wish they had Game of Thrones *sad face* but that shall get watched eventually when I finish the books along with The Hunger Games.

OK so who isn't COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Frozen?!? I've named my car Olaf and I got given a tonne of Frozen related goodies for Christmas...I'm currently wearing my Olaf slippers and listening to the soundtrack - bliss :)

Speaking of music...

My favourite albums of 2014 have been Drake's 'Nothing Was The Same' and Taylor Swift's '1989'.  I've never really been a fan of Taylor Swift but I fell in love as soon as I heard 'Shake It Off'. That song suited that point in my life so much that I ha to get the album.

Reading is something I managed to get back into in 2014. I love buying books and would much rather read the physical version instead of on a kindle or some other electronic device.

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh is a story about Jenn and the desire between her and her stepdaughters boyfriend. It is rather steamy so not for the younger readers but it's an emotive page turner.
The Shock of The Fall by Nathan Filer tells the story of Matthew, the death of his brother Simon and Matthew's battle with mental health issues.  Being Costa's Book of the Year for 2013 gives it proper kudos and it's a heart wrenching thought provoking story.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn has recently been made into a movie which I'm sure most of you have seen.  The book is about Nick Dunne who is accused of killing his wife Amy and is told from the perspective of both Nick and Amy. A thrilling story that keeps you guessing the whole way through.
The Bees by Laline Paull is a book I picked up purely from the cover (I know I know I'm one of those people).  This book is brilliant! Basically it's about bees but the descriptions are so vivid that you picture them more as people than bees.  An exciting read that made me think about the social structure of animal society.


  1. Olaf slippers?! I need some of them! I've been meaning to read Gone Girl too, I avoided the movie so I wouldn't get any spoilers! :)

    1. They're from Primark :) hopefully they still have them for you


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