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This challenge topic luckily coincided very well with something I had already been planning to do over the Easter weekend - a juice cleanse!

I've looked into doing a juice cleanse so many times but they are so expensive to purchase from companies so I thought I'd do my own DIY cleanse at home.  I also decided as a cleanse virgin to only go for 3 days.  It worked out really well to do it over Easter as my parents were away for the weekend so I wouldn't have to watch them eating while I sipped on my green juice haha!

I opted to DIY the Radiance Signature Cleanse which is 5 juices that you drink throughout the day along with unlimited water and herbal tea.  To purchase the 3 day Signature Cleanse is £215 and the 5 day is £345 - eep!

The 5 juices in the order I drank them each day are Ginger Lemonade, Alka Green, Vital Green, Root Boost, and Cashew Milk.

I already had the blender I'd need for the Cashew Milk but I needed to buy a juicer for the rest.  After scouring the supermarkets for an affordable option I bought the Cookworks KP60PD from Argos for £30.

All the fruit and veggies I needed for my cleanse along with my juicer.

I've done a little diary run through of my juice cleanse below for you all and all the recipes for the juices I made are listed at the bottom :)

Day 1
The past few days I've actually been managing to eat pretty healthily so hopefully it'll make it a bit easier to follow the plan for this cleanse.  I woke up at 8am feeling a bit hungry as usual so I went straight into making my first juice - Ginger Lemonade.  I've tried making a version of this before which I HATED. It's pretty much the same as the Master Cleanse that Beyonce did but with the addition of fresh ginger and switching the cayenne for turmeric and cinnamon.  Admittedly I was pretty apprehensive due to how much I hated the master cleanse juice so I was pleasantly surprised when I really enjoyed the lemonade drink. My hunger went away pretty but I was getting peckish again around 10.30am so I decided to make my second juice - Alka Green.  I drink green smoothies quite a lot so I wasn't too fussed about whether I would like this or not. It is actually really nice, the main flavour is the broccoli (who knew you could juice broccoli?!?) with the lemon giving it a lift and some sweetness.
I had my 'lunchtime' juice at around 2pm and it was the turn of Vital Green.  This is a really refreshing drink thanks to the cucumber and apple. Again this one was really nice and I might just keep making this once I finish my cleanse.
Dinnertime is the Root Boost juice.  This bright red juice has beetroot, apples, spinach, carrots and lemons and I think this might just be my favourite of the lot! It is a bit tricky trying to peel the beetroot so that my hands don't get stained but if I wash them straight away the staining comes off quickly.
The drink I was most looking forward to is the Cashew Milk which I decided I'd have just before bed.  Unfortunately I was really disappointed with this one but I think this might have been because I put in a bit too much maple syrup so it was really sweet.  Not too keen on trying it again thought so I'm going to skip this juice for the next two days.

Day 2
I woke up feeling fresh today and surprisingly wasn't all that hungry even though I'd only had four of my five juices yesterday with my last one being at 7pm.
Despite that I had work today so I needed to make a couple of my juices in advance.  I drank my Ginger Lemonade whilst making my Alka and Vital Green juices to take with me.  I kept them in the fridge at work to try and stop them going off.  I decided to chop up a mango that was in the fridge to take with me because my job is very active and I was a bit worried I wouldn't last and thought it'd be better to eat that than raid the biscuit tin.
I managed to last the whole shift without eating the mango but I needed it when I got home.  Because of this I REALLY wanted to eat and couldn't do anything without thinking about chewing!  I ended up eating a garlic wrap with light mayo spread on it and a packet of crisps :(  didn't have my dinnertime juice though.

Day 3
Despite falling off the juice wagon last night I felt surprisingly great when I woke up bright and early at 6.30am (?!?).  I decided that since I ate last night I could afford to go to the gym - I've really been missing it since it's recommended that you don't exercise during the cleanse - and it would help with damage limitation.  I drank my Ginger Lemonade on the way to the gym and had last nights Root Boost with some added protein powder after my workout.  Had a busy day but felt I might last a bit better today having my extra juice and workout in the morning. Started getting hungry about 12 so I made my Alka Green and went out to buy some groceries for my eating plan next week.  That juice lasted me two hours so I decided I'd have Vital Green later in the afternoon and my second Root Boost later at night.  So far I've been really pleased with this cleanse but the results will reveal themselves in the morning when my parents get home.

In total my cleanse cost me £48.17 which is less than a quarter of the cost for the pre-made cleanse from Radiance.  I didn't include the cost of the cashews and coconut butter for the Cashew Milk since I only had it once and they are item's I'd use normally.

Ginger Lemonade - makes 1 x 500mls
1 lemon
1 inch chunk of ginger
1tbs maple syrup
pinch of cinnamon and turmeric
top up with water

Alka Green - makes 1 x 500mls
1 courgette
2 apples
1/2 small fennel bulb
1 lemon
1 broccoli head
2 large handfuls of spinach

Vital Green - makes 1 x 500mls
1 cucumber
2 apples
1 lime
2 large handfuls of spinach

Root Boost - makes 1 x 500mls
2 carrots
2 apples
1 lemon
1 peeled fresh beetroot
2 large handfuls of spinach

Cashew Milk - makes 1 x 500mls
1 cup cashews soaked in water for 1 hour
1tbs maple syrup
1tbs coconut butter

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