Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Favourite Workouts

I've decided to incorporate a bit of fitness and healthy food into my blog alongside beauty and interiors to make ESJ a full lifestyle blog.

I've been regularly exercising for about 2 years now and over that time I've been the 'cardio bunny', the 'compensatory exerciser', the 'weightlifter', the 'home exerciser' and now the 'if I don't feel like I'm going to throw up I'm not doing it right' exerciser.  So I decided I'd give you all a taste of some my favourite workouts.

For home workouts I love to do the routines by Tone It Up.  This is a company run by Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn from California and is a full lifestyle brand with a nutrition plan (which I'll soon be purchasing) and workout routines.  The nutrition plan is quite expensive to become a member of ($150) but it is a lifetime membership with seasonal updates and they also do yearly series like the Bikini series in springtime and the Love Your Body series in the run up to Valentines Day. Anyhoos, back to their workouts.  You can access all their workouts on youtube and they also have printables of all their workouts.  My favourite ones are Thailand Tush, Love Your Body with HIIT, Love Your Total Body, Malibooty and Love Your Abs and Arms. Check them out at

When I'm at the gym I tend to rotate what body part I weight train depending on what my schedule is for placement - working a 12 hour shift on a busy maternity ward isn't very nice after legs day, actually nothing is but you get the point.  I try and train booty twice a week with legs and shoulders once a week (on separate days).  Cardio wise I do pretty much everything. I love spinning, doing interval training on the stairmaster - thanks to Kaliforndee on Instagram - mini triathlons (row, bike and run) and I've recently joined a circuit training group with one of the Personal Trainers at my gym.

So my workouts are all on point, just need to get my eating habits sorted but that's a whole other topic best left for another day.

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